Press Open the Chest

These partner massage techniques are reprinted from Grace's book任何人,按摩几分钟:简单的技术Anytime,Anywhere.Use this as a quick and simple remedy for people who spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or other project.

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Start with one person lying down on the floor,face up.完成后,switch places and repeat the techniques so that both partners have the opportunity to give and receive.


Kneel up at the top of your partner's head facing down toward his feet.把你的手掌放在你伴侣手臂的最上面,手指指向手臂下方。The heels of your hands should be pressing into the anterior portion (the part that is on the front side of the body) of the deltoid muscles (the muscles that encapsulate the shoulder joint at the top of the arm).Start with your right hand and press your partner's right shoulder straight down into the floor.当你按下时,你的伴侣的头可能会侧翻,或者另一个肩膀可能会从地板上掉下来——这是正常的。Press and hold the shoulder down for a second or two,then release.Switch hands.Press your left hand into your partner's left shoulder and push it down into the floor.Hold for a second or two and then release.

Do this several times back and forth to warm up the shoulders and to begin stretching and opening up the muscles of the chest (pectoralis or pectoral muscles,or,more commonly,just pecs).出版社,hold,release;switch sides and press,hold,release;switch sides,and so on.

Now to really open up the chest,press down on both shoulders at the same time.

在大多数情况下,you'll be able to press both shoulders to the floor with no problem,but if it's your first time,take it slowly and ask your partner to let you know right away if you're pressing too hard or too far.Make it easy on yourself – lift your hips up off your feet and lean into your hands,using your upper-body weight to do the pressing instead of your arms and chest.打开胸部,hold the position for five to ten seconds,and release.This feels so good,especially for those of us who spend our days hunched over our computers,our desks,or our massage clients.Repeat this two or three times.

Next,try a slight variation: Rather than pressing the shoulders straight down into the floor,try pressing them down toward the feet.You will have to switch your hand position so that your palms are pushing on the tops of the receiver's shoulders (where a foot ball player would wear his big shoulder pads).Even easier,用你的脚按压,而不是用你的手。This will save your wrists.

我们大多数人在脖子和肩膀部位保持紧张。Sometimes we hold on to so much tension that our shoulders begin to creep up toward our ears and we don't even realize it.This kind of press,朝着脚,is a good counter stretch for our chronic holding patterns.

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